What is CrefoCert STABILUS?

CrefoCert STABILUS – the official UAB Creditreform Lietuva confirmation, that it received company is solvent and of good economic state for longer than one year. The companies received the assessment CrefoCert STABILUS are displayed with a sign CrefoCert STABILUS in UAB Creditreform Lietuva administrated database CR.lt. Such assessment is granted only by UAB Creditreform Lietuva initiative, in case if the company meets all the requirements, and it is not for sale.

CrefoCert STABILUS benefits

CrefoCert STABILUS evaluation criteria

The assessment CrefoCert STABILUS is granted for those companies registered in Lithuania, which economic state for at least one year and longer has met the following criteria:

Such companies are marked with the sign CrefoCert STABILUS in the database of the Lithuanian companies CR.lt.

The assessment CrefoCert STABILUS is valid and the sign is displayed in the database CR.lt until the company meets CrefoCert criteria. If the company's parameters become worse than the above mentioned, the assessment expires and the sign is not displayed till the company's parameters comply with CrefoCert STABILUS criteria again.